About us

Muco Technologies BV is an autonomous impassioned engineering company, specialized in the development of electronics and embedded software. For various customers Muco Technologies BV manufacture its products from industrial design to final product that can be made. Moreover we can also take care of the necessary testing, the manufacture of test tools for the production as well as the corresponding guidance. We co-operate also with the client on a regular basis in order to be able to complete each other for the realization of the end product.

Our knowledge field varies from low tension products (zero power, low power) to power electronics. At the same time we focus our attention on the wireless electronics (domotica, zigbee, Z-Wave) as well as the development of antenna designs.

Muco Technologies BV make itself known as an importer of High-tech components.
Holin connectors is a good example of this.

Our research and development department can advise you regarding the design of the OEM connectors.

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